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7 Soup Dishes You Can Serve on Special Occasions

Posted Oct 19, 2020 3 minute read
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Do you know what would make for a more delightful dining experience for your guests? Serving soup dishes along with the main course. Soups, whether it be clear and light or thick and creamy, are filling and comforting.

Soup dishes are predominant in Filipino cuisine. The ingredients are relatively affordable, and they’re easy to cook. It’s hard to refuse a bowl of homemade soup that can warm you up on chilly, rainy days or bring you that taste of comfort during family gatherings.

Using NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream can make a soup dish extra special as it adds thickness, creaminess, flavor, and overall richness for a more delightful meal. Simmer up any celebration or occasion with these savory, hot, and hearty soup dishes your loved ones will surely appreciate.


1. Sopas

creamy soup dishes macaroni soup

Sopas is every Filipino’s favorite soup. The time-tested Creamy Chicken Macaroni Soup is one of the first things that comes to mind when you ask someone: “What’s your comfort food?” This soup dish makes you feel warm when the temperature outside gets chilly.

Usually, mommies or daddies opt for the good old Chicken Sopas. However, to give the usual sopas experience a creamy-savoury twist, try our tasty Corned Beef Sopas. With its savory corned beef chunks and light creamy consistency, this recipe is going to be your new favorite during family gatherings.


2. Seafood Cream Soup

creamy soup dishes seafood soup


Seafood soups are satisfying and nourishing dishes that you can enjoy for lunch or dinner, or as an appetizer. The thin yet full-bodied broth and seafood ingredients will definitely bring a smile to your loved ones.

This is an excellent food contribution to bring to potluck parties or at-home feasts with family and relatives. Serve it on a bowl next to different seafood dishes like fried fish, steamed mussels, shrimp, and other crustaceans. Our hearty Seafood Cream Soup recipe, with alimasag taking center stage, will take you on a tropical adventure with every taste.


3. Pumpkin Soup

creamy soup dishes pumpkin soup

Are you looking for something quick and easy to make? Try a homemade pumpkin soup! This visually pleasing, full-bodied soup only requires a few ingredients. The natural flavor of the pumpkin with a dollop of cream for that extra richness is enough to spring a delight among your loved ones’ faces.

If you haven’t tried this one yet, check out our delightful Pumpkin Soup recipe. You can whip up this creamy, savory, and healthy dish as a starter for a dinner party or an after-work light supper.


4. Mushroom Soup

creamy soup dishes mushroom soup

Do you have people staying over at your house? Perhaps one of your kids is hosting a sleepover party? Make a warm impression to your guests with a bowl of thick and nutritious mushroom soup. A hot bowl of this sounds better on the sweater weather!

This soup dish is absolutely easy to make, and you can serve it in no time. Plus, you can easily find the ingredients you need in grocery stores. Watch your guests sigh in delight with each sip with our fresh Mushroom Soup recipe.


5. Baked Potato Soup

creamy soup dishes baked potato soup

Looking for a hearty and satisfying soup for your family that will also win the kids’ tastebuds? Go for the tried-and-true baked potato soup. It’s perfect for days where you just want to serve a no-fuss, rich-flavored soup to your family or friends over a weekend gathering.

All the flavors of potato come together in this creamy and homey Baked Potato Soup. Watch as the thickness and creaminess come in the end. Of course, serve it with fried bacon on top for a light crunch.


6. Creamy Chicken Soup

creamy soup dishes chicken soup

You ever had those days where you get a surprise visit by a family member or relative? Waste no more time thinking of something you can serve. Fix them up quickly with an oh-so-tasty bowl of creamy chicken soup.

Never freeze in the kitchen during spontaneous family gatherings. Warm your family and relatives’ tummy with this creamy indulgence. Check out our Chicken Corn and Orozo Soup recipe to get you started.


7. Curried Soup

creamy soup dishes curried soup

Do you have a formal or fancy potluck gathering coming up? Surprise everyone with an unusual yet irresistible dish with a curried soup. Who would’ve thought that you could make something this bold and delicious? Maybe not even you, until now.

Our creamy Curried Soup will impress your friends, family, and relatives, or colleagues with its wildly flavorful taste, taking them on an exotic adventure with every spoonful of flavor.


A Satisfying Bowl of Soup Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether you’re looking for a soup recipe that will warm the hearts of your guests on a special occasion or something that can cheer your kids up after a long day at school, you can count on any of these creamy soup dishes to do just that.

Sometimes, a comforting bowl of homemade soup is all you need. Cook these soup dishes with a dollop or more of NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream for that creamy and full taste, finishing them with spoonfuls of indulgence.

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