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7 Hearty Meals to Serve After a Long Day of Work and School

Posted Oct 19, 2020 4 minute read
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As a working mom, it’s easy to get lost in the middle of your busy schedule. You wake up, go to work, come home—and then repeat the cycle the entire week. Meanwhile, other family members have more or less the same hectic schedule every day. 

However, you can break this tight cycle by serving a hearty dinner that your family can enjoy when it matters most. A nice home-cooked meal can help everyone forget his or her stress at work or in school while having quality family time at the dinner table.

Ease the stress away! Try NESTLÉ®’s Create with Cream meal ideas that will surely delight and nourish your loved ones after a long day of work and school.


1. Mac and Cheese

hearty meals creamy mac and cheese

When it comes to comfort food, mac and cheese is almost always a top contender, especially for kids. It’s tasty and filled with ingredients that many people love, such as fresh milk and cheese. It goes well with either chicken or bacon strips, too. 

To come up with your own version of this family favorite, use our Quickie Creamy Queso de Bola Mac & Cheese recipe that gives the dish a creamy and cheesy goodness. Cook and serve it within 30 minutes or less—no lengthy waiting time for your hungry squad!


2. Pizza

hearty meals pizza with white sauce

Why order take-out pizza when you can prepare it right in your own kitchen? It’s fairly simple and easy to make since you can buy pre-made pizza dough from the grocery; plus, you can be as creative as you want in the ingredients. Our Pizza with Cream Sauce recipe satisfies your family’s craving for a white-sauce-based pizza that’s also loaded with the taste of fresh herbs and vegetables in every slice.


3. Creamy Beef with Mushroom

hearty meals creamy beef with mushroom

There’s no office or school blues that a hearty meal can’t cure, which makes meat dishes a hit at the dinner table. Beef and mushroom, when cooked in a creamy sauce, can be a very satisfying dish at the end of a busy day. It’s perfect if your family has a big appetite since you’re using ingredients that keep them full for a long time. 

Pair up our Creamy Beef with Mushroom recipe with freshly cooked steamed rice for an incredibly good-tasting and nourishing meal for the whole family.


4. Seafood Casserole

hearty meals creamy seafood casserole


Moms like rewarding and pampering the family with good food, and one way to do it is to let them have a feast-like meal minus all the unhealthy stuff. A seafood casserole combines the nutritious properties of fish, shrimp, and crab meat, along with other healthy ingredients like vegetables. 

Just like our Sea-riously Scrumptious Seafood Casserole, you can add a delightful creamy taste to it and still feel guilt-free about not giving in to unhealthy cravings.


5. Creamy Adobo

hearty meals creamy chicken adobo

Adobo needs no introduction simply because it’s perhaps the most popular dish in Filipino cuisine. It’s also very versatile—you can cook adobo with meat, seafood, or vegetables, or use different types of marinade. 

Despite the variations, adobo doesn’t lose its savor a tiny bit. Our Creamy Chicken Adobo recipe shows you a new way of enjoying this local dish through the simple trick of giving it a perfectly creamy consistency.


6. Creamy Spaghetti

hearty meals creamy spaghetti

Kids and kids-at-heart will look forward to coming home with a serving of spaghetti for dinner if the usual rice meals aren’t available. Home-style, Creamy Spaghetti, like the one featured in our recipes, has a rich, flavorful taste that lets you satisfy the discriminating palate of your loved ones without having to put too much effort in the kitchen.


7. Sopas with Corned Beef

hearty meals creamy sopas with corned beef


Soup-rise your family with the Yummy Corned Beef Sopas, our recipe that uses corned beef to make a special soup dish for your weeknight dinner. Cook this up every time you need to make someone feel extra warm and happy. It’s food for the soul, indeed!


Serve These Hearty Meals at Home

Nothing beats coming home to good food after a day’s work in the office or school. From pasta dishes to meat casserole and other Filipino favorites, these delicious and hearty meals will inspire your family in their daily hustle and bustle. Don’t forget to add NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream into your meals—it’s the perfect pick-me-up to cap off a long day and get everyone ready for the next one.


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